Woodstock Area Job Bank

Welcome to the Woodstock Area Job Bank – serving the community of Woodstock, Vermont USA and surrounding areas. We are here to connect individuals and businesses with members of our community who are seeking work and volunteer opportunities. If you are looking for work, or are seeking workers, then we encourage you to explore the opportunities available to you in your own community. Our services are free to all and we are eager to connect members of the Woodstock area who are ready to…get the job done! We welcome job-seekers and volunteers of all skill levels, backgrounds and abilities. Likewise, we welcome employers of any kind – there is no job too small!

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                      From the Trenches

Last week, Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati announced that 17 of its students achieved a perfect 36 on the ACT College Admissions test.  Schools are on board with more aggressive preparation because they, the schools, are increasingly measured by student performance on standardized tests.  Parents are on board because they hope to see the financial benefits a higher test […]




Available Bit Time Workers


Melissa 603-369-8875 (Outdoor, Cleaning, Driving, Animal, Retail)

Margaret  413-834-1117 (Outdoor, Animal, Child, Elder, Cleaning

Lauren 802-952-3669 (outdoor, lifting, elder, driving ,IT)

Jennifer 802-291-2867(Elder Care, Cooking, Child Care, Companion)

Jeremiah (802) 299-5824 (Outdoor, Cleaning, Lifting,)

Laura 617-549-7361 ( Elder Care, Driving,Companion)

Hunter 802-299-5118 (Outdoor, Cleaning)

Ana 951-282-5666 (Outdoor,Animal Care,Driving,Cleaning)

Rebecca 617-549-7361(Outdoor, Elder Care, It, Driving)

Curt 802-457-9297 (not a cell #) (Outdoor ,Lifting, Cleaning)

Nate 775-434-9991 (Outdoor, Elder, Lifting, Cleaning, Driving)

Judy 423-582-8071 (Animal Care, Elder Care, Driving)

Mercedes 802-369-4663 (Outdoor, Cleaning, Driving, Animal Care, Driving)

Nicole 802-359-7096 (Outdoor, Cleaning, Elder, Driving, Child care, Animal Care)

Micheal 802-672-3288 (Outdoor, Lifting, Cleaning)