Woodstock Area Job Bank

Welcome to the Woodstock Area Job Bank – serving the community of Woodstock, Vermont USA and surrounding areas. We are here to connect individuals and businesses with members of our community who are seeking work and volunteer opportunities.

If you are looking for work, or are seeking workers, then we encourage you to explore the opportunities available to you in your own community. Our services are free to all and we are eager to connect members of the Woodstock area who are ready to…get the job done!

We welcome job-seekers and volunteers of all skill levels, backgrounds and abilities. Likewise, we welcome employers of any kind – there is no job too small!


Looking for some Bright Ideas?

Tips_logoClick here for our latest Educational Opportunities – old dogs can learn new tricks! There’s something for everyone – job skills, master gardening, computer skills, high school courses, welding, nursing and more!


Have you Heard about Lincoln Street, Inc.?

unnamedAre you a local business owner or hiring manager looking for qualified, responsible, and dependable part time employee? Do you struggle with the constant “Revolving Door” turnover with entry level staff positions? Would having a part time employee who was dependable, who could do 80% or more of an employment opening help make your company more efficient. If so, please give Lincoln Street Inc. a call to inquire about our Employment Services Program. Interested Business owners or hiring managers can contact Jarrod James at 802-886-1833, or email him directly at jjames@lincolnstreetinc.org

Visit their website to learn even more! www.lincolnstreetinc.org

 Wanted: Weekend Warriors

Unknown-1Are you available and looking for a little extra work this weekend? We want to help! As you know, the Job Bank is closed Friday-Monday which also happens to be a great time to find odd jobs around town.

The Job Bank offers the “Weekend Warrior” list on our website that will include the name and contact information of available workers. Employers can visit the list to find a helper at the last minute and workers and put their names out for possible jobs. Its a win-win for all.

If you are interested in being included on this list please let us
know. Contact Elizabeth Craib at the Job Bank office by phone 457-3835 or email info@woodstockjobbank.org BY THURSDAY to be included on the list for the upcoming weekend. The list will change weekly.

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