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Welcome to the Woodstock Area Job Bank – serving the community of Woodstock, Vermont USA and surrounding areas. We are here to connect individuals and businesses with members of our community who are seeking work and volunteer opportunities. If you are looking for work, or are seeking workers, then we encourage you to explore the opportunities available to you in your own community. Our services are free to all and we are eager to connect members of the Woodstock area who are ready to…get the job done! We welcome job-seekers and volunteers of all skill levels, backgrounds and abilities. Likewise, we welcome employers of any kind – there is no job too small!

                      From the Trenches

My family uses Apple computers.  We have, ever since my oldest daughter got a PC for college that cost more than any computer we have owned before or after.  It was a thing of beauty, huge and important looking. It was 1990, and bigger was better.  The Gateway, with lots additional software met the university’s specifications.  Within a week, it was in the shop with a virus.  A week later Jody crashed the computer trying to delete a document.  

After that, Macs seemed simple.  They asked questions like, are you sure you want to delete and then are you really sure (just in case you didn’t get the message the first time)  Mac knew I was not tech savvy and made it easy for me to keep my family’s computers up and running.



Available Bit Time Workers










Jennifer 802-291-2867(Elder Care, Cooking, Child Care, Companion)

Thor Goodrich 802-771-7052 (outdoor, lifting, cleaning, driving)

Robert 802-436-3491(Not A cell#) (Outdoor,Light Manual,Driver)

Morgan 802-281-8699 ( outdoor, gardening)

Silas 802-356-2664 (outdoor, moving, labor)

Abigale 802-952-3670 (outdoor, wood, gardening, animal)

Juan 802-478-4322 (Outdoor, Lifting, Winter )

Diane 802-478-4322 (IT, cleaning, respite, driving, retail)

Kim 802-299-0319 (outdoor, lifting, winter, cleaning, respite, driving, retail)

Vincent 443-615-0176 (Outdoor, Winter ,Lifting, Cleaning)

Beth 603-448-1170 (Animal, IT, Driving)

Melissa 603-369-8875 (Outdoor, Cleaning, Driving, Animal, Retail)

Margaret  413-834-1117 (Outdoor, Animal, Child, Elder, Cleaning

Lauren 802-952-3669 (outdoor, lifting, elder, driving ,IT)

Jeremiah (802) 299-5824 (Outdoor, Cleaning, Lifting,)

Laura 617-549-7361 ( Elder Care, Driving,Companion)

Hunter 802-299-5118 (Outdoor, Cleaning)

Ana 951-282-5666 (Outdoor,Animal Care,Driving,Cleaning)

Rebecca 617-549-7361(Outdoor, Elder Care, It, Driving)

Curt 802-457-9297 (not a cell #) (Outdoor ,Lifting, Cleaning)

Nate 775-434-9991 (Outdoor, Elder, Lifting, Cleaning, Driving)

Judy 423-582-8071 (Animal Care, Elder Care, Driving)

Mercedes 802-369-4663 (Outdoor, Cleaning, Driving, Animal Care, Driving)

Nicole 802-359-7096 (Outdoor, Cleaning, Elder, Driving, Child care, Animal Care)

Micheal 802-672-3288 (Outdoor, Lifting, Cleaning)