Woodstock Area Job Bank

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Vermont has had seasonal labor troubles way before the pandemic began— there are not enough seasonal workers.  Locals don’t want work that runs out when the tourist do. Before the pandemic, bigger businesses were able to bring in foreign workers on H1 visas to fill the gaps—if they could provide housing!  We have an affordable  housing shortage too.  So committees are formed and news articles appear, but the blunt truth is, the seasonal workers that a tourist economy depends on are not available.  To solve our problems we need to think outside the box!

This week, Billings Farm has taken the bull by the horn (no pun intended) and come up with a creative solution for all those fall tourist that will be flooding the farm for the next two months.


Looking for a something to do after you drop the kids at school?  Join the fun at Billings Farm & Museum. Flexible volunteer and paid, part-time roles include handing out cheese samples, selling cider and cider donuts in our pop tent, assisting in the gift shop with shipping or restocking, working with the animals in the Barn or selling ice cream in the Dairy Bar. Billings is the perfect place to work or volunteer after drop off and done in time for pick up. Below are the days and times we need the most support. If interested and want to hear more contact: Anna at aberez@billingsfarm.org

                                                           Monday 9/27   9:00-4:00

                                                           Tuesday 9/28   9:00-3:30

                                                          Wednesday 9/29   1-3:30

                                                          Thursday 9/30   12:00-4:00

                                                         Friday 10/1   9:30-12:00

                                                         Saturday 10/2   11:00-3:00

                                                         Sunday 10/3   1-3:30

                                                        Monday 10/4   11:00-4:00

                                                        Tuesday 10/5   9:00-3:30

                                                        Wednesday 10/6   9:30-4:00

                                                         Thursday 10/7   11:30-4:30

                                                         Sunday 10/9   9:00-5:00

                                                         Monday 10/11   9:30-4:00

                                                         Tuesday 10/12   9:30-3:30

                                                         Wednesday 10/13   1:00-3:30

                                                        Thursday 10/14   1:00-4:00

                                                        Saturday 10/16   11:00-2:30

                                                      Tuesday 10/19   9:30-2:30

When I first moved to Woodstock I worked at Billings Farm.  I loved it.  All those bus loads of tourist stopping in for a taste of Vermont hospitality. The next two months will be crazy at the farm and then the crowds will be gone.  By offering small jobs with available times slots, the community, can help out, have some fun, and even earn a little money—  mad money, Christmas money, out to dinner money, new outfit money, birthday money, gas tank money.  So check your schedule, contact the farm, enjoy a beautiful fall day with the cows and help the community in a big way. Fill a slot, fill a need, and support creative solutions!

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