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Last week, we had a snow day: wet, sticky snow—no school, no power, and cancelled meetings galore. By my measure there was over a foot of snow on the back fence. Early in the morning, we also lost some huge branches in our front yard that partially blocked Rt.4.  The few cars that were out  drove slowly around the obstacle.  Then at about  8:30, our neighbors across the street also lost a tree.  Rt.4 now had a narrow pathway snaking between the two trees. Since Woodstock also lost power I assume there were more trees down because for about  half an hour no cars tried to run the blockade.

Then I heard a roar coming down the road.  I expected to see plows coming to clear the trees and open the road back to traffic. No, not plows or Vtel  trucks, but the giants of commerce—Walmart, Fed Ex, Walmart, and Walmart— a train unstoppable by a mere snowstorm.

Boom!  The branches of the offending trees were crushed into dust, the convoy of trucks barely slowing before hitting the road block.  And just like that, Rt. 4 was again open to other vehicles unable to sit the storm out. (SUV’s heading to Killington, perhaps?)

Unstoppable, that was the image that I am left with.  I complain a lot about the big guys, but last Tuesday while I enjoyed the quiet magic of a snow day I also was somehow strangely comforted  knowing things would soon be back to normal.

“Neither snow nor rain, not rain nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Go Walmart!

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