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Summer always brings out the best in me. I am way more active, sometimes forgetting that I am no longer fifteen and truly no longer able to deep-water dump a kayak and gracefully climb back aboard.  Thankfully, Sadie is still willing to laugh with her mom when no one else is looking. Of course it probably helps that it stays light until nine o’clock, the sun shines more often and the TV has only reruns to offer during the summer.  A perfect combo for a brighter look at life.

This summer, I have been reading a lot. I am a book person by nature, but lately with a predominantly digital job, a fifteen-year-old that is constantly looking at her phone and six hundred channels on demand my reading habits had dwindled to a few chapters before bed.  Then —from a local realtor who does staging—I learned about  Books by the Foot:“Your vision achieved.

Oh no!  Are books becoming valuable only for decoration?  It seems so.  The “Purple Passion Bundle” now sells for $69.95 and “Smoke and Stone”—think grey— goes for a steep $89.00.  I saw “Upscale Vintage Children’s Cloth” selling for $74.95 and “Religious Vintage Cloth” for a whopping $199.  Wow!

Books by the Foot offers over 125 styles including “Bulk” and “Shelf Filler”.  They offer no information on title or author.  No dramatic blurbs to entice readers to buy more books than they can possibly read.  Just a foot per style with a minimum order of 2 feet.

I started to wonder just how much entertainment was being lost buying books only for decoration. If I were to sit down and read a book non-stop it would probably take me about 10 hours to read the average novel—I’m not as fast as I used to be.  Books by the Foot claims an average foot has 8 to10 books making each foot roughy 80 hours of pleasure.  

So, of course, I decided to read a foot of books.  I bought them at Book Stock for $22. I read all the back blurbs. I like to be enticed. I have them piling up on a designated shelf in the family room—not only decorative but entertaining and rewarding as well.  When I’m done I can donate them back to Book Stock and do it all over again.  Maybe one year I’ll even strive to read my own “Purple Passion Bundle”!  I just love a challenge!

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