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I admit I have a bad case of both cabin fever and spring fever.  Having both at the same time sends me out into my little yard in hopes of finding some garden chore ready to be done—not yet.  For once I seem to have put the garden to bed properly and all the little stems have been cut back. Other than a few snowdrops nothing else has come up.  My lilac bush is starting to look a little scraggly so I decide I can give it a careful prune.

I get my clippers and survey the bush.  We have lots of lilacs on the property but most of them grow wild and crazy on the bank leading down to the river.  Even combined cabin fever and spring fever won’t send me into the pucker brush which I know is filled with ticks.  So I need to limit my pruning chore to the one bush tucked close to the house.  It’s an old bush and I have to admit is usually hastily pruned just to keep it in check.  As I carefully clip and shape I notice in fact some of the buds are just starting to swell. They aren’t exactly plump, but definitely showing.  

I have never tried to force lilac branches, but I could.  I gather up a big pile of my cuttings and take them inside.  They look good— full of promise.  I imagine the beautiful purple flowers blooming. 

I remember that along side the river there is a wild apple tree.  I head down to the river to gather apple branches to join the lilac branches. One thing leads to another and soon there are bunches of hydrangea branches, and blueberry branches, and raspberry shoots, and branches from the weed bush that I think I remember blooming and even clumps of grass for live Easter baskets.  

My big sunny window is filled with things that might grow.  All of my vases and pitchers are filled with branches and it makes me happy to just look at all the possibilities.  I don’t actually know which ones will grow.  I don’t actually know what some of them are.  As usual I went a little overboard, but at least for today my fevers are calmed.

Maybe tomorrow I will see if there are some left over seeds in the basement and I remember sprouting carrot tops when I was a kid.  I will create my own jungle.

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