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What would you do if your twice-daily romps through the woods had been cut down to a few measly walks around the meadow and confinement in a tiny backyard?

Maybe, like Parker you would excavate in earnest.  

Parker has always been a digger.  Last summer when she was a baby, we thought it was cute.  Her little snout, buried in the ground snuffing about.  In the winter she gave up the habit.  Snow was cold!  Now with the first days of spring and being confined in a small space she is entertained for hours by digging— not cute little holes but deep wells, one on top of another.

I know I should stop her, but amazingly she is not digging to get out of the fence and she is not digging in the flower garden. She digs all over the yard in random places.  I go out periodically and fill in the holes and she moves on to a new excavation sight.   She doesn’t bury toys and she doesn’t lie in her holes. I think she digs just for the pure joy of it.

At first it seemed pointless to me, then I thought, “ I bet my yoga poses look pointless to her.” 

 So for now she digs, and I downward dog and we take our pleasure where we find it!

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