Woodstock Area Job Bank

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It has finally happened. This week my words have dried up.  I always have ideas for this newsletter running around in my head—lots of ideas.  Not this week.  This week every time I began a piece I just couldn’t get it going.  Maybe it was because I am going to be a panelist for the “Bridges to Work” conversation Sunday after the Musical Working at the Briggs Opera house and I am working on that.  Maybe it was because my daughter was going through a rough patch with friends at school. Maybe it was just because even an optimist like me can sometimes get beaten down by all the negativity that permeates the world around us these days. 

At first I thought I would just skip a newsletter this week.  I thought, who is going to notice? Everyone is so busy and our inboxes are always full. Then I thought maybe without the Job Bank newsletter popping up on Friday morning someone might miss an opportunity. So instead I decided to confess my lack of words, my frustration, my well run dry.  It’s ok to have a dry spell.  It happens.  But, I can at least confess and leave you with some funny pictures to brighten your Friday.

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