Woodstock Area Job Bank

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I took on the job as director of the Job Bank just a little over a year ago.  This is newsletter #56.  Are you surprised I haven’t run out of things to say yet?  Sometimes I am, but then another interesting thing happens. There are so many stories to tell in the Upper Valley.

Part of my job as director is to run the annual fundraising campaign.  I have never liked to ask for money.  I have never been comfortable singing my own praises.  If you ask me questions about this organization, I can tell you many wonderful things. If you peek into our database, you could gather many facts and figures.

It’s an accomplishment for a small organization to be around for 46 years and uphold its original mission. But then, businesses will always need workers and people will always need work.  So the Job Bank will always have a purpose.

In 2018, we began our new odd job program “Bit Time”, to answer  the community’s need for workers to do small jobs.

In 2018, we began to formally offer help to community members needing resume and cover letter support.

In 2018, we found a barn dismantler an assistant, a farmer an intern, an 80 year old woman her first job since high school, an eighth grader his first job ever— a mover, a mower, a graphic designer, a gas meter reader, a typist and clothing consigner all found jobs through the Job Bank.

A few weeks ago, I even found an administrative assistant to help me put together our big annual mail campaign. I can tell you that being able to find someone to work just five hours on our big project was a lifesaver for me and possibly the best $100 the Job Bank has ever spent.  The new printer broke, the borrowed printer wouldn’t accept envelopes, and I really have no idea how to do a mail merge.  Kate breezed through the challenges without breaking a sweat!  She just re-merged the addresses onto labels. Genius!

All of our services are free. We get support from Woodstock and our surrounding towns which cover approximately a third of our operating costs. We have been awarded generous grants from local organizations that cover approximately a third of our operating costs. For the last third, we depend on you, my fearless readers.

To donate ,visit our website http://woodstockjobbank.org.  Look for the yellow button that says DONATE for a safe secure way to contribute to our mission. Or simply mail a check to The Woodstock Job Bank, 31 The Green, Woodstock Vt. 05091. Every dollar counts!  Just like no job is too small, no dollar amount is too little.   Thank you for supporting the Woodstock Area Job Bank.

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