Woodstock Area Job Bank

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I was recently in a conversation with a community group in Woodstock who were inquiring about the work of the Job Bank. They wanted to know what kinds of jobs could be found, who was available for work, what our internal policies were etc. They also asked the age old question – “How many job-seekers do you have on your list?”

That’s a tough one to answer.

When I search my database for “active” job-seekers I get a list of over 300 names! But are they all really actively seeking work? Hard to tell. I regularly give out names to area employers but often hear back from them that candidates don’t call them back, have stopped looking for work or – even worse – don’t show up for a job they said they would do. I have to wonder if these individuals are really looking for work?

Are you looking for a job? Take a look at this article from USA Today – it hits the nail on the head. If you are looking for work, ACT like you are looking for work. There were a few eye opening points for me, maybe it will help you too.


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