Woodstock Area Job Bank

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As I was leaving the library Friday afternoon, two young couples were perusing the books for sale in the front foyer.  One of the women exclaimed to her friends as she opened the door, ” Ooh, this is a real library”

She’s right, of course.  I often have the same thought myself.  Lots of libraries are not quite what they used to be. When my husband and I decided where we wanted to live we had a checklist— schools, restaurants, access to skiing, hiking, mountain biking, and a good library.

We chose Woodstock.  Soon after we moved, I realized there was another important benefit we hadn’t even thought to consider…a real community. Woodstock is a remarkable tourist destination with wonderful inns and fabulous food,  but underneath it all it is a real town with real people who connect with each other.

Since I began working at the Job Bank I have been impressed by the sheer number of volunteers and residents committed to keeping Woodstock a vibrant place to live.  Some groups are more focused on tourists, some residents, some businesses.  All are dedicated to preserving our little piece of paradise.

As I looked at the Job Bank, volunteer board today, it looked a little empty.  I believe we can do more to help.  When I know of an event taking place or see a request on one of the local list serves for volunteers, I post it.  Unfortunately, I don’t catch them all.  So if you know of a local organization rallying volunteers, remember the Job Bank is one more place to help get the word out.

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