Woodstock Area Job Bank

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A few weeks ago, the printer at the Job Bank broke.  I didn’t think it was a big deal.  After all, it was less than a year old so it was under warranty.  I knew I had filled out the online product registration. I put in a call to customer service to find out what I needed to do to get a new printer.

Sam was nice. I learned I would have to perform the troubleshooting head-cleaning three times in rapid succession in order to qualify for a new printer.  I explained that I had followed the procedure in the manual and that the heads had already been cleaned with no change in the ink quality. I explained that head-cleaning uses a tremendous amount of ink and that at $34.79 per cartridge it didn’t seem likely that another head cleaning would help. Nonetheless, Sam assured me that is what I would have to do.

I admit, I thought about not doing it.  But since the company sends software updates and low-ink notifications maybe they could also tell how many times I cleaned the heads in the next 24 hours.  I cleaned the heads.

I called back.  Jane was pleasant and said she would need a copy of the receipt to process my claim.  I had already thought of that, although I thought the reason I registered my product was so that I would be covered under warranty— evidently not.  I photographed the receipt for Jane. Emailed it, photographed it again because she couldn’t read the first one and finally got the replacement approved. But—a big but—I would have to give the manufacturer a credit card number to hold until I returned the broken printer.

What? Jane told me I could box it up and send it back and then they would send a replacement. Right! What was I going to use for a box and how much would that cost? Jane said she would email a case file number and I could decide what I wanted to do. Fine. I gave her my credit card number. I had 7 days after delivery to send the old printer back or my credit card would be charged. $89.95 plus the cost of shipping.

Finally, I got the new, refurbished printer, with starter ink cartridges. I boxed up the broken one and took it to the hardware store in town that accepts FedEx.   I found out they couldn’t take it because they don’t have a machine to read the scan I was sent for shipping.   I went to Lebanon to FedEx to learn only Concord NH could print that kind of scan.

Enough!  I paid to ship it back. Did they win?  Well… I went around the house for a few days singing the Frozen song Let it Gowith some interesting words, from which I will spare you, but finally I did. They only win if you let them

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