Woodstock Area Job Bank

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The internet is on the fritz—not unusual, lately.  On Thursday, I went to the office.  I had tons of work to do, all of which involved using the internet. The internet, in town hall, can be iffy.  No problem! I didn’t have any set appointments scheduled, so I headed home.  I could get my work done there.  The internet at home was out, too.  I really had to get some work done so after wasting an hour talking to Comcast, I headed over to King Arthur Flour where they have comfy chairs, fresh bread smells (I can’t eat bread) and reliable internet. Four hours later, I had finished all my work— feeling productive— decided to give a shot to making some much needed changes to the Job Bank web page.  Tech support is hard to come by.

I don’t know why I suddenly felt so courageous, but I had successfully added the sidebar of Bit Time workers to this newsletter a few weeks ago.  That went well… so I figured I’d try something more challenging.  I first asked Google how to alter a front page on a WordPress website.  Google had lots of answers and a few handy-dandy videos.  Great!  I took a deep breath and added the Bit Time names.  It worked!  Proceeding in the same cautious fashion, I changed headings, moved widgets, bolded titles and then, on a whim, I decided to add my most recent newsletter to the front page without asking Google first.  Gotcha!

Oh boy, I discovered the hard way that it is better to ask Google (first) how to do something!  Many hours later I corrected my mistake—I think.   The front page of the website looks good.  I like the changes I made.  I’m actually pretty proud that I did it even with the time-stealing mistake.   Unfortunately, I realize I have now set myself up to make several changes to the front page every week.  I hope I can remember what I did!

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