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What is a Catahoula Leopard?  Our new puppy, Bruin.  Yes, we have a new puppy so now we are a two-dog family.  How did that happen? A moment of weakness.

We had been throwing around the idea that it might be nice to have a second dog.  When we first got Parker three years ago, we had thought we would get two puppies at the same time.  The shelter talked us out of that idea saying that two littermates might become bonded and would not listen to us (sounds like siblings to me). Anyhow, we got Parker, survived through puppyhood—house training, chewing,  digging giant holes in the yard,  jumping on everyone.  We trained her to be off-leash, sort of trained her to come when called, and finally were ready to take down the lovely black metal crate.

Then my daughter decided that her new puppy (her third dog, her Catahoula Leopard dog) was too much now that she was going back to work.  We jumped.  We knew Bruin.  He was big and goofy and gentle as a lamb.  He was seven months old and already housebroken.  Perfect!

Bruin arrived on a Saturday, by Sunday both dogs were exhausted from playing non-stop.  They share their food, they share their water dish, Parker shares her toys, they play tag, they play tug and sometimes Bruin will even sneak into Parker’s crate to cuddle.

Instant family member and best friend— no red tape, just love. Aren’t we lucky?

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