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The pandemic has brought about many changes but the one thing I have found most objectionable is how quick to judge each other.

I listen to the news. I believe I am well informed. I am capable of making my own decisions.  When the CDC said I needed to still wear a mask even though I had been fully vaccinated, I did.  I wondered, however, if there was something I was missing.  Why would I need a mask if I was vaccinated?

A few weeks later when the CDC said that if I was fully vaccinated I no longer needed to wear a mask, I wondered again what I was missing.  I was the same fully vaccinated person I had been the week before.

When there started to be rumblings about a booster vaccine,  I started to wonder yet again if there was something I was just not getting.

So, I decided if I was in a crowded place—especially indoors— I would just continue to wear a mask.  My choice.  My decision.

On Saturday, I was shopping in a crowded store in West Lebanon.  I was wearing my mask when the woman behind me in line started to loudly criticize me for not being vaccinated.  She claimed it was my duty to get vaccinated, she claimed that I was putting the world at risk by refusing to get the vaccine and that people like me should be banned from public space.

It took me a minute ( I’m not used to being yelled at),  but  calmly — if perhaps a little loudly— I replied as I pulled out my vaccination card, “I wear a mask by choice. I wear  a mask to protect your children. I wear a mask because I have no idea if you have had your vaccine.”

The other people in line actually clapped. My accuser huffed and moved to another line.

I take my rights as a citizen seriously.  I take yours seriously, too. 

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