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Communityand connection are two of today’s hottest buzz words.   Most people acknowledge that more connection between members of a community is a good thing: good for health, longevity, happiness,…you name it. But few people actually have the solution for actually creating community and connection.  That’s the problem with buzz words.  They become buzz words when people recognize a problem but don’t quite know how to fix it.

Peter, who is 97, is outliving most of his friends and he’s lonely.  He needs more community.

Christi, a young mother of two, is having trouble finding daycare when school is cancelled and she still has to work.  She has no family around.  She needs more connections.

Mark is flailing around trying to find a decent job after graduating from high school.  He needs more connections, too.

Joan has three big dogs that she walks everyday.  She would love to find someone to walk with.  She wants to find a community of dog lovers.

Mike wants a girlfriend, Ann wants a recommendation for a foot specialist, Joe needs to find a group of oldsters who want to drink coffee and talk politics—community and connection.

We talk and talk around the problem.  I’m happy to say there is one group willing to take the bull by the horns and do something. At Woodstock High School there is a new group:  C3 – The Center for Community Connections.  They are actively working with students and community members to help students satisfy graduation requirements by developing transferable skills through valuable real world experiences like internships, career explorations, independent study, and service learning.

Now Woodstock High School Sophomores are being given the opportunity to get out into the workplace and see what it’s all about.  C3 is sponsoring a Sophomore Shadow Day on March 22.   All sophomores are being given the opportunity to spend a day out in the workplace in a career field of interest.   Before they go they will prepare in English classes to write cover letters, resumes and practice interview skills, but the real excitement is a behind-the-scenes look at everyday life on the job.

How can our community support them?  By offering to host a sophomore shadow, of course.  Here at the Job Bank I hope one of the students will pick me.  I know a lot of what I do is kinda boring, but if there is a would-be writer among this year’s sophomore class, we could do some grant writing or maybe even a newsletter together. I could let them know there is a day job that could utilize their skills while they are working on their first novel.

How about you?  What do you do that pays the bills?  Share your day with a student.  Contact a C3 staff member c3@wcsu.netand volunteer to support their efforts to connect our community.

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