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Yesterday, my husband and I visited Killington and decided to walk down the mountain.  Ok. I admit it would sound better if I said we hiked up Killington on a beautiful fall day.  But the truth is we had passes to ride the gondola to the top of the mountain and because the day was so magnificent we decided to hike down the mountain.  Think before you try it!  My husband knows the mountain like the back of his hand— in the snow— so he chose a downward path following some beginner intermediate trails he knew.  Beginner trails that look easy on skis are steep and rocky, beginner trails with long grass are slippery, mountain bikers move fast and can creep up really quick.

Still it was a fun experience and I realized putting on the brakes to keep yourself from falling forward can be just as much exercise as huffing and puffing to go up a trail.  This morning, I have a few sore muscles I didn’t actually know I had—think rear end.  

For years our ski passes have come with gondola rides and always before we have scoffed at the idea of riding up the mountain and looking at the view like tourists.  The restrictions of the “new normal” have pushed us out of our comfort zones and out into the natural world.  I have always liked the outdoors and I would like to believe my family is outdoorsy— we are even more outdoorsy now. If we can be in the sunshine outdoors, together ,without masks we’re game.

I like this part of the “new normal”. I had forgotten how much fun it is to wade barefoot in the river.  I had forgotten how peaceful it is to sit in the late afternoon sunshine around a roaring fire.  I am looking forward to getting back to snowshoeing up winter mountains instead of just skiing down. I envision bundling up in hats and mittens with a hot cup of tea and knitting in the late winter sunshine.  These are things I can picture and find I look forward too.  I like that the schools have outdoor classrooms.  I like that Sadie will actually need a coat and hat to go to school.   Everything that changes is not so bad. Somethings are actually quite wonderful!

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