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Eight weeks ago, I broke my hand. I did something stupid.  I was carrying some yummy leftovers from lunch and I caught my boot on the carpet. As I went down, I made a split-second decision to roll my hand and save the soup—a conscious split-second decision that caused me to land on the side of my hand instead of on my palm.  The minute I hit I knew—CRACK.  I have never broken a bone before and for a second I thought a cast would be fun. It was not.  Two weeks in, I was begging my doctor to put me in a brace so I could take a shower like a normal human being.  Four weeks in, I was begging my doctor to put me back in the cast because the brace hurt.  Now, eight weeks in, the physical therapist wants me to actually move the fingers that have now become frozen, which hurts worse than the cast or the brace.

My fall was an accident. Anyone can have one.  If it weren’t for that split-second decision to save lunch I would have gotten up—a little embarrassed—cleaned up the mess and gone on my way.  Instead… you get the point.

How many other times have I made a quick decision that I knew was wrong? Too many!  I’ll  just delete that e-mail.  I’ll remember that password.  I’ll call them back later.  I’ll fill the tank with gas tomorrow.  Those black pants won’t run.

Coming into Woodstock the hardware store’s quote of the week has been particularly appropriate:

                                                “A mistake repeated is a decision.”

I like that one.  Trust me, next time I fall I will let the soup spill in all its glory.

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