Woodstock Area Job Bank

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I am easily overwhelmed.  I have finally said it and I know it’s true.  These days I escape to my car and sit in a sunny parking lot with my computer to get anything accomplished. Why?  Because in my car in the parking lot at Billings Farm ( my favorite sunny spot when the cows are out),  I get no wifi.  No wifi means no interruptions.  No time-sucking distractions that will pull me away from the work I need to do. I can’t write or answer emails, I can’t get messages.  I can’t even access all the new social media I am supposed to be engaging in for the Job Bank. 

So yes, I am easily overwhelmed, not from the work of my day but from the distractions that  interrupt me.  

Distractions have grown during COVID.  Of course they have: we can’t really interact with people.  I miss people— not screen people but real, unenhanced people.

I hate Zoom, I hate Zoom, I hate Zoom.  Really, I do!

So I drive to my favorite sunny spot and I work quietly.  I get a lot accomplished and I watch the cows until I am no longer overwhelmed, no longer fractured and weary, no longer in a space where useless interactions rule my day.

Tomorrow, I will address the stream of never ending emails and cull out the ones connected to people who need the Job Bank.  Those I will respond to, the others I will delete.  I will take a funny, enticing photo for my new instagram account to encourage you to follow the Job Bank. Please follow me: jobbank33. I will repost all the jobs I added to our job board yesterday to Facebook because I am told young people don’t use websites.  My children assure me they don’t use Facebook either.  TikTok anyone? 

I will Zoom with a spotlight enhancing my face so I don’t look 101 and raise my hand to speak. I will share funny cat videos with friends and binge watch Netflicks.

Then I will head to Lebanon, sit in the parking lot at Hannafords and watch the masked unenhanced people going about their day. I just saw a woman wearing a skunk hat and a mask with whiskers and a young teenager slopping through the melting snow in pink fuzzy slippers.

I am easily overwhelmed but I am learning to cope.

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