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images-1I’m not sure if you read the paper this past week, but there was an interesting story in the Vermont Standard about a new, controversial dress code at the Woodstock High School. Apparently some of the new rules now apply only to the girls a the school and this has created quite a backlash. Now I’m not going to add fuel to the fire and weigh in on the story but it did make me think about the many people in our community who are looking for work. It reminded me that how present ourselves to a prospective employer says a lot about us and will, if hired, say a lot about them.

I’m all about personal expression and being true to oneself, but there really is a time and a place for everything. If you show up to work in a messy uniform it tells your boss and his customers that you don’t care. Wear your favorite rock band t-shirt to an interview, they won’t see a creative, confident individual. They’ll see someone who might pose a risk to the company (unless you are applying to be a roadie.) Dirty fingernails when you hope to get a food service job…ewww.

Now I’m not suggesting that you go out and spend a fortune on a new wardrobe nor should you wear clothes that make you physically uncomfortable. What I am suggesting is that you take time to really consider your appearance before you head out to your interview – or first day of work. While the job you might be applying for requires casual wear that may be different than the casual clothes you wear at home. Neat, clean and intact clothing will go a long way in impressing an employer and customers. The pride you have in yourself will show in the work that you do. Employers might not say it, but they’ll see it.

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