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Do you remember those books that were popular a few years ago,  Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten and my personal favorite Everything I Need to Know I Learned from my Dog?   They were fun to read, and to some extent really did offer a life based on a few simple rules.

When the books were popular, I used to imagine writing my own version: “Everything I need to know I learned from swimming”

“Mrs. Crowe, Mrs. Crowe, look at me underwater! I can see you!”

Today Ella  learned to jump off the 

side, swim with her eyes in and float on her back.

Over and over again throughout the lesson, she would call, “Mrs. Crowe look at me!”

Over and over she practiced her new skills, each time as thrilling as the first.

Ella is three.  Seven days ago she was afraid to sit on the steps with her toes in the water.  Seven days ago she knew nothing about “motor boat”, “seeing fishies,” kicking fast to crash me into the wall, or sliding.  That first day she and her classmates were as quiet as mice and I did all the talking.  But then Carter jumped off the step and unexpectedly went under to see the fishies.  Pretty soon others were jumping off, hoping for a chance to see the fishies too until by day seven I had six little voices calling out, “Watch me!”


1. Just because you’re scared doesn’t mean you won’t like it.

2. Playing games makes it fun.

3. If one kid does it, it must be OK.

4. Getting your eyes wet is a game changer.

5. Practice is super fun.

Apply all five to your life.  Jump in and proudly declare, “Watch me!” 

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