Woodstock Area Job Bank

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The changing seasons are upon us.  Summer has become fall, and fall is slowly and gloriously turning into winter.  Here at the Job Bank, it is time to add to our list of Bit Time workers.  What are Bit Time workers?  They are community members who would like just a “bit” of work that pays a minimum of $20 per hour and fits around whatever else they may have going. 

 Maybe you need a little more money during this time of COVID, maybe you just would like a little extra for the holidays or to buy that above-ground pool your kids were begging for last summer.  Whatever it is,  sign up now on our website www.woodstockjobbank.org and join our list of available workers.  I will give you a call and we will discuss the type of work you are willing to do.  Are you a snow shoveler or wood stacker?  Maybe you are a “techie” who can help set up a new holiday phone, a math whiz who can tutor algebra or even a fill-in caregiver.  What ever your skills and time, let’s get you on the list!

Not a worker, but someone who could use a few hours of work?  Whatever you need, there is someone out there who can do the job.  Our list of available Bit Time workers can also be found on our website www.woodstockjobbank.org and right here in this newsletter.  Take a peak at the list and see if there is someone willing to do what you need.  If you don’t see someone right now, e-mail me directly at info@woodstockjobbank.org and we can post the job you need done on our job board.

The Job Bank is local at its best neighbor helping neighbor!

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