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Sticky.  If you asked me one word to describe a hot Vermont summer day, I would choose “sticky.”  You know, days where a dip in the lake is more like a dip into a lukewarm bathtub. Days where the walk from the kitchen to the living room can leave you dripping with sweat.  Days where the skies are ripe with clouds ready to burst at any moment.  The Three H days—hazy, hot and humid— are upon us. I love it.

This kind of weather makes me slow down.  My most important task on this Sunday morning is to make sure the ice tea is made before the heat of the day.  I head out to the hammock with a tall, icy glass, my reading glasses and the Sunday Boston Globe.  My plan is to read the paper cover to cover and not move until the sun goes down. Everything else can wait.

As I open the paper,a lapful of ads slips out.   Back-to-School ads.  Sale, sale, sale— 25- cent spiral notebooks, long jeans, flannel shirts, and competing ads for snack-size Cheez-its. I don’t look, but they are niggling at the back of my mind.  Sure it’s hot now, but those ads remind me that Labor Day is only three short weeks away. I feel my brain kick into a higher gear.  I begin mentally to draft a long to do list.

Rising from the hammock, I head back to the house, paper unread. So little time. There are things to be done. But by the time I reach the kitchen, I am dripping with sweat.  My newfound purpose drains away quickly.  I fill my glass with tea, change into my bathing suit                                                                                                and head  down to the river for a swim.

So enjoy, take time to let nature do its work, become a sloth for a few short weeks until that first chilly morning inspires you to get moving and the lazy, sticky days of summer slip away. We will miss them.

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