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This past weekend was one of my favorites: Christmas bazaar Saturday. I love bazaars! They remind me of my childhood and truly kick off my holiday season.

I like to start with the Congregational Church in Bridgewater. They have the best food, and I need to have an easy dinner after my long day of shopping.  I like to arrive right at nine, ready to shop. This year I bought chili for dinner, a cute knitted snowman family, and two boxes of cookies.  They didn’t have jars of dried “soup in a jar” and they didn’t have fudge this year.  My husband loves fudge!

Next, I hit the Thompson Senior Center where I found the most adorable miniature knitted cupcakes for my granddaughters. They are just about one inch tall with tiny beads for sprinkles—chocolate, vanilla and spice.   I bought four, some  earrings from the “thrift” table, and a large box of cookies from the cookie walk.  Someone had made those thick gingerbread cookies with frosting and little red cinnamons for decorations.

After a quick chai from the Farmers Market, I headed towards White River

Junction and the Bugbee Senior Center. They usually have cotton knitted dishcloths.  I know I could probably make them myself, but for $1.00 a piece I prefer to buy my yearly supply at the bazaar.  Sadly, they had no dishcloths this year but they did have a pile of “scrubbies” knitted in wild neon colors— even better. I will put one in each of my grown children’s stockings, four pairs of knitted slippers to go with my grandchildren’s pajamas and fudge— lots of fudge!

My last stop for the day is Saint Anthony’s.  They have amazing handmade crafts, which really are my favorite.  I appreciate the time people take and I appreciate simple bazaar crafts. I’m afraid they are a dying art.  After all who has an hour to spend making a crocheted coat hanger?  This year I bought a Santa ornament from my favorite Wednesday night craft group, three lavender sachets and four bright orange crocheted coat hangers.  I had tuscan chicken soup for lunch and, after one more “cookie walk,” had to call it a day. 


Here’s to the makers, the crafters and bakers,  

And here’s to the time that you take.

I cherish your patience and quiet dedication

To each of the things you create.

  I think of you often, 

With each dress I hang up and

Each dish I scrub free of cake.

But mostly I think of the pounds that I’ve gained

from all of the cookies you bake!

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