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My daughter has taught me more about using my computer in the last year than I would have thought possible. It’s not that what she knows is vast, but her experience with a computer is more playful.  I look at my keyboard and first think “typewriter”— old Mrs. Fair covering my fingers and tapping out with her pointer on the board ASDF JKL: over and over again.

Sadie looks at a keyboard and wonders “what does that button do?” She recently taught me my new favorite:command z.   I love to watch what I just deleted reappear like magic! Sometimes I do it just for fun.

Several weeks ago, a woman stopped by the Job Bank for some help finding a job.  I asked what she was looking for and we talked about her interests. Jane had a lot of experience–she had sort of done it all.  Mostly what she had done was long ago.  I asked if she had a resume.

“No, I don’t really do much with computers.  My daughter tried to get me to start one.  Here I’ll go get my computer and you can see.  Maybe I can work on it here,” she asked hopefully.

“Sure, I’ll be glad to help.”

When Jane returned a few minutes later with her computer, she opened up google docs with thousands of saves and proceeded to scroll through each one looking for her resume. I kid you not, Jane had thousands not hundreds of saved documents, downloads, and web sites. Now, I know I am no computer whiz, but even I know about folders.

When we finally found the resume, it was six pages long.  It’s not that the form was terribly wrong. It’s not that her experience wasn’t interesting but– like her google doc account– there was just way too much of it.

These days experts say a resume gets an average of just six seconds of review. Six seconds? I challenge you to try it. What do you get from a six-second-read of this newsletter? I only got the title and first sentence.  Hopefully, that was enough to get you to read further.  On your resume you can probably count on a scan of the bold print. If you don’t manage to catch the employer’s interest at a glance then you will never have the opportunity to present yourself in person and show off your winning personality.

It took lots of hard work and several visits for Jane to cut her resume down to one page.  It also took her less than a month to land a great job. I believe the hard work she did to clarify and prioritize her work experience helped.

As for those thousands of google saves….I introduced Jane to Siri and together they sorted and deleted all those saves into color coded folders!

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