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If you missed your chance to see YOH put on their production of Mamma Miaa few weeks ago, you really missed something special.  It’s a great show and the students did an amazing job pulling it off.  They had the audience dancing in the aisles.  I thought the success of the movie Mamma Mia relied on the amazing scenery from the Greek Isles.  I thought Mamma Miarelied on the music from ABBA. Nope, it’s true appeal is its genuine sense of fun.

My favorite part in the movie is the “flipper dance.”  Sure enough, even at the high school, seeing 10 young dancers, wildly parading down the aisle kicking gleefully with flipper-clad feet was absolutely hilarious…  just as much fun without the ending dive into the clear blue turquoise waters of Greece. Anyone dancing, walking or doing anything out of water with flippers is just plain funny.

Why— you are wondering— am I talking about flippers?  I think having fun is a perfect complement to any day.  Of course you do not need to don flippers.  My nine-year-old granddaughter and I exchange “knock knock” jokes each morning via text.  My friend, Ann, plays  “Words with Friends”  with twelve different friends—just one word—each morning over coffee. You could play Mahjong, pickle ball, pingpong, cribbage or video games.  You could hike.  You could sing.  There are all kinds of fun—  what’s important is that each day should have some.

When things are busy at work, the kids have the flu, or when the car breaks down, I have found that simply taking a few minutes out of each day to really enjoy a moment can make all the difference even if you don’t slip on your flippers and dance!

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