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Last year, I found a kitchen magnet that read, “I will try again tomorrow.”  I thought it was inspirational.  I thought it would remind me to persevere in the face of adversity.  Last night, I threw it away.

On Monday, I wanted to attend the town picnic, but Sadie had a soccer game and we couldn’t make it in time.  On Tuesday, I wanted to ride my bike to work but the tire was flat.  I wanted to use the printer in the office but it was out of ink. I came home to use the printer at home and forgot to bring the stationery from the office.  The appointment I made for the dentist was cancelled on Wednesday.   And the engineer who is designing our new septic system didn’t show on Thursday.

The cute magnet I found became less of an inspiration than a mantra for endurance.   I am already enduring so I decided I didn’t need to be reminded of it each and every morning.

Today, I saw another cute magnet:  “A year from now what will you wish you had done today?” I will wish I had done a lot of things so I walked right on by.  My new mantra is now “It will all get done eventually.”  Bet they don’t make magnets for that one!

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