Woodstock Area Job Bank

Visual Eyes Creativity Center is seeking an assistant teacher part time or
full time. Preschool teachers may apply, willing to consider all
candidates. Pay
depends on experience and training.

Good hours for a parent. On the Thetford bus route. Employee childcare
discount. Must be willing to be outside in all weather, get dirty, be
playful, be
creative,and be flexible to switch age groups.

If you are now within 60 days of meeting the following qualifications we
will consider you.  Or if you would like information on where to find a
Fundamentals class (the easiest and cheapest way to meet this) call us.

To work in childcare one must meet the minimum regulated criteria as

*is at least eighteen (18) years of age, is a high school graduate
or has completed a GED, *and* has at least twelve (12) months experience
working with groups of children from grade three (3) or younger AND meets
one (1) of the following qualifications:*

 At least a Vermont Early Childhood Career Ladder Level One, OR

 At least a current CDA, OR

 At least a State Board of Education approved Human Services Program
Certificate that emphasizes child development or early childhood
education, OR

 At least successful completion of the Fundamentals for Early Childhood
Professionals’ course, OR
 At least successful completion of a three (3) college credit course in
child or human development

Visual Eyes Creativity Center

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