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 Code for UV Brigade Seeking Additional Volunteers on Rural Net Project

We are looking for volunteer members on our Code for UV Brigade, sponsored by The Space On Main! Code for America Brigades ( www.codeforamerica.org ( https://www.codeforamerica.org ) ) are volunteer groups that collaborate with local government and community partners to put technology to work for the benefit of their local communities. Email us at: connect@codeforuv.org

We currently need extra support with our RURAL NET Project. Here are the remaining tasks:

• Finish styling the app and writing copy for things like the about page, privacy, etc

• Finish designing and hooking up the survey and storing the data

• Add a page where people can view the “results” of speed-tests and survey responses; this may require multiple pieces including linking to any map that arlene makes, creating the “diff” map we had discussed comparing our measured speeds with what data the state has provided from ISPs

• Iron out any outstanding speed-test issues

• Add a feature where folks can select their approximate location on a map or cross-reference against VT’s database of speed at each address, instead of providing location via their browser

There is a more detailed list at our GitHub: https://github.com/codeforUV/ruralnet/projects/2 If you would like to get involved, please email us at: connect@codeforuv.org

RURAL NET PROJECT: Access to reliable high-speed internet has quickly become a requirement for modern life. Yet numerous communities, particularly those in more remote areas, still lack access and any reasonable recourse to improve their situation. This is because large internet-server-providers (ISPs) typically advertise average or best-case speeds in an area that are not representative of real-world accessibility by consumers. As a result, gaining traction on legislative efforts to improve internet infrastructure becomes difficult, as frustrated individuals have no reliable data that reflects this discrepancy. This leaves legislators with no choice but to rely on the misrepresentative figures provided by ISPs. The purpose of this project is to build a lightweight web application useable by anyone that can provide and store reliable repeated measurements of internet speed over multiple hours and days. The app aims to make it easy to integrate this information with geolocation data, thereby providing a more accurate picture of real-world internet availability. At the same time, our hope is to share this tool and data with any existing state or county level public service projects in this space, to facilitate future legislative efforts. If you would like to get involved, please email us at: connect@codeforuv.org 

Rural Net Project

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