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 Companion horse wanted

I am looking for a buddy for my nine year old off-track Standardbred.

Here’s what I’m looking for:  Does not need to be rideable, (in fact I

prefer someone who does not need to be ridden, as I don’t have time to keep

two horses in work) but must be pasture sound on hilly turnout and not

buddy sour.  Jackson’s ideal buddy will be  a low-key, laid-back gelding,

close to him in age, unfazed when Jackson leaves to be ridden several

times a week. 24/7 turnout with run-in shed at night. Run-in shed is

divided in half with each horse having a small turnout attached to it.

Rotational pasture grazing on about eight acres in summer, free-choice hay

in winter. Horse will live at home with me. Excellent references, many

years of loving horse care and experience.

Please email me off list, or call the number in my signature. Thanks!


*Judith Falk, ESMP *Second Wind Equine Sports Massage



Second Wind Equine Sports Massage

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