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Foodservice job / school year / RMS

Foodservice Assistant

School Year Schedule + 185 days

Five hours a day, 8 am -1 pm

Sick & Personal days, but no Med. Ins.

Hourly Range = $15.36 – $17.74

(based on experience)

The independent foodservice at Richmond

Middle School, Hanover, NH is interviewing for a

Foodservice Assistant to replace someone who

is retiring. A strong customer-centric attitude,

some knowledge of food safety, and a

willingness to learn will get you in the door.

With culinary experience, there is the possibility

of advancement for the right person, after your

first year.

Daily task focus: Pasta & Sauces, Pizza, Grilled

Items, Cookies, Customer Service, and Clean



contact:ken.thompson@hanovernorwichschools.org mailto:ken.thompson@hanovernorwichschools.org

Richmond Middle School

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