Woodstock Area Job Bank

 Needed: Volunteers to prepare tax returns for low-income and elderly residents of the Upper Valley

Looking for a way to keep your brain active and engaged this winter?  Why not join our team of local TaxAide volunteers who prepare income tax returns for low- and moderate-income and elderly folks in the Upper Valley.  If you have good computer skills you’re already partway there.  Experience preparing taxes is always welcome but isn’t necessary – we’ll provide training to help you gain the skills needed to acquire IRS certification.  Once certified, you’ll work with taxpayers directly filling out tax returns and helping taxpayers seek the refund or rebate to which they’re entitled.  But you won’t be working alone – you’ll have other volunteers working nearby to help with questions and each return you prepare will be double-checked by another volunteer before it it’s considered complete.  We’re all volunteers and our service is free to taxpayers, so the rewards aren’t monetary but you’ll get a great feeling from helping others and making a difference in your community.

If this sounds interesting, please “Reply to Sender” to get more information about being a volunteer for TaxAide.  Training classes are forming now.

The TaxAide program is sponsored by the AARP Foundation but we serve people of all ages and you needn’t have any affiliation with AARP to be a volunteer tax preparer.


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