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We are looking for overnight care 7 nights a week for at least 8 – 10 hours to help with mostly toileting issues for my father starting on Tuesday, January 22 – either helping him into the bathroom or dealing with soiled diapers.  When the agencies provide these people they are awake all night.  My parents don’t have a third bedroom so they can only offer accommodations for someone who is not counting on sleeping at all.  They might also ask this person to assist with showering in the morning at the end of the shift.  At this time there is no way to predict how long my parents will require this kind of help.  My guess is they would want someone for at least a week to figure out if there are other ways to deal with overnight issues other than to have a third person in the home.  The going rate for this kind of service in Woodstock appears to be in the range of $25/hour.

Gaylord Bourne




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