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Aging in Hartland (AiH) seeking Hartland Community Nurse

Aging in Hartland (AiH) was founded to “support healthy aging in Hartland.”  We offer support services and social activities to Hartland residents who choose to “age in place” in their own homes as they move through the years of aging.

Aging in Hartland’s Community Nurse has moved out of state and we are recruiting for this position.

* The position is part-time taking between 10-20 hours per month at this time.

* The position is paid on an hourly basis and is available immediately

* This an ideal position for a retired nurse who wishes to serve the Hartland community and support healthy aging in place.

* There is an active volunteer support group that works in conjunction with the position.

If one is interested or knows of someone who might be, email AginiginHartland@gmail.com and we will respond immediately to answer questions and discuss the opportunity in more detail.

For Job Bank office use only *hhc2017

Aging in Hartland

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