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 Recruiting 3-17 year olds for Media and Health Behaviors Study at Dartmouth

NIH-Funded Research Studies

We are currently recruiting participants for several studies that seek to understand how children and adolescents process information from visual media, conducted by Drs. Diane Gilbert-Diamond and Jennifer Emond at Dartmouth College.


Your child may watch age- appropriate TV shows

Your child may perform simple computer tasks

Your child may be offered some food

You and your child may fill out some questionnaires

We may collect a small amount of your child’s saliva to research common genes that are related to health

We may measure your child’s height, weight, and body fat percentage

Please contact us to see if your child is eligible for any of the studies. Depending on the study, participation involves 1-4 visits to our lab at Dartmouth College, each lasting 1-2 hours. All participants will be financially compensated for each visit, and additional mileage reimbursement may be available.  Participation is voluntary and confidential.

Contact us at :

Email: Media.and.health@dartmouth.edu

Phone: 603-650-1244


The Dartmouth Media and Health Behaviors Lab

Dartmouth Media and Health Behaviors LAb

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