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 SEEKING: Board Members for local Non-profit

From: Eric Janisch <eric.pinardjanisch@gmail.com>

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 15:25:34 -0400

-Do you care about supporting local education?

-Are you interested in assuming a leadership role in the community?

-Do you believe that all students should be provided the same opportunity

to learn?

Then consider joining the team at Ledyard Charter School

(LCS). We are currently recruiting new

board members and would like to hear from interested members of the

community. No experience is necessary, only a commitment to the mission and

values of the school.

LCS is non-profit public high school of choice serving students in grades

9-12 throughout the Upper Valley for the past ten years. Located in

downtown Lebanon, the school’s mission is to provide real life learning

experiences. We focus on creating experiential learning that will prepare

students well for college, the workplace, and life as successful and happy

adults. The foundation of our school lies within our belief in building

strong skills in the area of self-advocacy, organization, goal setting and

attainment, self-determination, self-confidence, all while supporting the

community. These skills are developed in the classroom as well as in the

community with a school wide annual goal of 800 hours of community service.

If interested or have specific questions email Eric Janisch, Chair of the

board, @ eric.pinardjanisch@gmail.com

Leyyard Charter School

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