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The United Valley Interfaith Project is seeking a volunteer Communication

Director (about 5 hrs/week).

This “behind the scenes” position is a great opportunity to work in social

justice and impact hundreds of people each month.

Keep reading for an introduction to who we are and what you can expect to



The United Valley Interfaith Project, 15 faith communities working together

for social justice, seeks a volunteer Communications Director to oversee

our electronic communications effort: website, newsletters, social media.

Involves oversight of 2 Dartmouth College student interns (paid positions

as part of their financial aid).

More detail on Who We Are, and the Communications Director Job is below. A

complete job description is available at this link:


*Who We Are*

The United Valley Interfaith Project (UVIP) is a coalition of 15 local

Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, and Unitarian faith-based organizations all

working together for grassroots systemic social change. Currently we are

working to create a moral economy for people for whom economic justice has

been denied; to support immigrants seeking to navigate the broken US

immigration system; and to support seniors seeking to age with dignity in

their communities. We work at the local, state, and national levels on

these issues. In many areas we work with coalition partners particularly at

the state level.

*The Communications Director Job*

Effective UVIP electronic communications is critical. UVIP is working in

many areas seeking to improve social justice, and involves volunteers from

15 faith communities and others in doing that work. UVIP also has many

coalition partners.  There are a lot of moving pieces, and keeping them all

informed is important.

This volunteer job involves managing the UVIP electronic communication

process: newsletters, website, social media, and the subscriber lists

behind them. It also involves managing the efforts of 2 paid Dartmouth

College interns who do most of the actual “work”. These 2 interns are

available to us 40 weeks per year through the Federal Work Study program,

which is part of their financial aid package at Dartmouth


Cayla Dyer

Leadership Consultant




United Valley Interfaith Project

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