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I’m sure you’ve seen the news about Governor Scott’s commitment to expand child care capacity for families with students in grades K-6. On September 1, he announced that he is putting $12 million of federal relief funds toward opening remote learning centers across the state where kids can be safe and cared for while they learn virtually when schools aren’t in session in person.

Approximately $6.9 million of the funding will be used to create regional childcare hubs for remote learning days and almost $5 million is for expanding the Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP). The money set aside for the school-age programs can help cover start-up and expansion costs but not tuition for children. All programs must adhere to COVID health and safety guidance issued by the Vermont Department of Health.

I’m reaching out to you because we need help with recruitment of staff members for the hubs. We’re looking for qualified people over the age of 16 for short-term, part-time and full-time positions to begin working immediately, as school is already in session! Candidates should like working with school-age children and complete this form to be matched with an afterschool and school-age center http://www.vermontafterschool.org/recruit/

Open positions are perfect for qualified high schoolers/college students, those currently underemployed or unemployed as schedules are flexible and there are positions available part-time. There are more than 100 job opportunities at dozens of locations where Vermont’s new learning hubs are opening, and all are strictly following CDC’s protocols for safety.

We hope that the new afterschool and school-age hubs are one great step in helping our kids to catch up, keep up and emerge from this crisis strong, resilient, hopeful–and cared for by supportive staff.


Adrienne Gil

Program Manager for the School-Age Childcare Hubs Project

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