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 Volunteers needed

White River Action Project (WRAP) is a non-profit organization, newly

committed to providing direct support to people (Mostly Vermonters, but

also residents of border communities) who are in treatment for (primarily)

breast cancer. A fundraising motorcycle event is in the works, but getting

things off the ground has been rather rocky, and help is needed!! At this

point, it is mostly a one-person show, and that one person just isn’t enough

So – if you have some time you can donate, have a passion for helping

cancer survivors, and have some skills, please get in touch. Immediately,

there is a need for people skilled or experienced in: 1) Graphic Design, 2)

WordPress 3) Fundraising.  Also, some folks who might be interested in

serving on the Board of Directors, and people who can help get the word out

Statewide. There will be even more opportunities later on – this is the

immediate need.

If you can help, please get in touch. If I get inundated, it might be hard

for me to reply to everyone, but I promise to do my best!!

Ernie Amsden <wrapcv@gmail.com

White River Action Project

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