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Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity is looking to update our

website before our annual campaign mailing goes out (right around

Thanksgiving). I came to Upper Valley Habitat in May and was able to

update our list of board members and also add a line about it being

under construction, but that’s sadly the extent of my WordPress


Ideally, I would like to learn my way around the website and be able

to maintain it and add simple updates as needed going forward, or

maybe even connect with someone in the Upper Valley with the

interest and abilities to manage it for us.

Do you know anyone in our area who may be interested in taking on this project? We can’t offer

very much, maybe about $200 to $300. Our website is www.uppervalleyhabitat.org.

Thank you kindly, and looking forward to hearing from you,


Eva Loomis

Administrative Coordinator

Upper Valley Habitat for Humanity

PO Box 1038

WRJ, VT 05001

TEL & FX| 802.295.1854

Please note I am typically in the office Tuesday & Thursday from


Habitat for Humanity

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