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Last week I forgot to send out a newsletter with a “Happy New Year’s” greeting.  There is no other way to say it: it was Sunday before I remembered.  How is that possible?

We bought a house. Sounds great!  I should be very excited and I am, but the new house in Maine is meant to be a downsized version of our house of 35 years where my husband still lives and works in Massachusetts.  That’s right, 35 years, six-plus bedrooms, and three barns all packed with stuff.  We are far from hoarders, but it is amazing just how much can accumulate in neatly packed closets.

Today, I unearthed— at the back of the craft closet— a bag with 157 wine corks in it.  I started saving them years ago with the intention of making a bulletin board.  Yesterday, I threw away the bag of 75 corks I found in the kitchen drawer, figuring I would never have enough to complete a project.

In the beading box, I found turtle beads I bought a long time ago that match the beads in a bracelet I bought last year in the Bahamas.  I knew I liked them.  The “artisan” in the Bahamas must have liked them when she went to JoAnn Fabric, too.

I found broken necklaces I bought in Peru (when we adopted my 32 year old daughter) that I intended to fix so she could have them someday.

A jar of wooden stars, a package of shimmery dots, seven types of string for beading, two strands of pearl beads I used to help me remember the colors for my daughters wedding, a white ceramic heart I wanted to wet felt over.

All this from one box labeled “beads”.  I don’t know what to do with them.  I can’t keep them. The new craft closet is just a cupboard.  I can’t throw them away because some of them are beautiful and all of them are useful for someone.

I follow my new normal.  Decide on how much space in the cupboard can be used for beads and fill that container.  If it doesn’t fit, put it in the yard sale.   I have sworn to myself that nothing will go into storage.  I have sworn to myself that none of our new closets will be jam-packed.  Many times in this last week I have just wanted to take a match to it all.  Instead, I forgot to send out a “Happy 2020” newsletter last week.  I am guessing you will understand.

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