Woodstock Area Job Bank

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I have lived in Vermont long enough to know that a few warm days in early March are not enough to herald the arrival of spring.  I also know that a few warm days in March IS enough for me to check my current list of Bit Time workers and realize that there are not enough people listed to tackle the upcoming gardening needs in the community.

If you are interested in earning $20 per hour doing odd jobs such as planting, weeding, mulching, perennial maintenance, or any other type of garden work, PEOPLE NEED YOU!  Right now, we are only being teased by spring, but before we know it, the real thing will be here.  I want to be prepared at the Job Bank with lots of available workers.  It’s easy to sign up: just click the blue button on this newsletter that says, “Sign Up As A Job Seeker”.

If you are a community member who needs help with your garden, our current list of available workers is also listed in this newsletter every week under the Bit Time Logo.  All workers have the types of jobs they are willing to do listed next to their names.

When all goes well, we have enough jobs for the Bit Time workers to earn some extra income and enough people willing to do the odd jobs for community members to get the help they need. My problem, at the Job Bank, is that I often don’t know how things are going. 

 If you hire a worker, can’t find a worker, or are delighted by someone’s work, please let me know.  A quick e-mail or text can help me keep the list current and viable, which allows you to find help when you need it!

If you have signed up for Bit Time and are called for work, never called for work, want to add to jobs you are willing to do or have suggestions, please shoot me a quick e-mail or text.

If the Job Bank has your feedback, then together we can truly GET THE JOB DONE!

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