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Well, the wait is over.  On Tuesday I got my first COVID vaccine.  In the end, I showed up for my appointment, waited about five minutes, and got a very small—not scary at all—shot in my arm.  I got a small card with a signed acknowledgment of my first dose of the Moderna vaccine and an appointment for my second.  I sat in another room for fifteen minutes and went home.  All day I waited to feel sick.  I felt fine.  My arm didn’t even hurt!

For some reason, in my mind I had a picture of NYC bike messengers speeding through my bloodstream on their stripped-down bikes delivering my freedom from COVID along the way.  Super efficient, fast and very competitive.

I slept well that night knowing the end was in sight.

Next morning I felt fine.  My arm wasn’t even sore.  Around noon, I went downhill.  My head was spinning, my body ached, I had chills, a low fever and my arm was sore.  Guess the message was delivered.  I went to bed at 7:30 and slept all night.

Next morning I felt fine—really!  My arm wasn’t even sore.  Good, job guys!

If that’s all it takes to get back out into the world, bring it on.  April 6th and shot number two  can’t come soon enough!

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