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Monday morning, half past eight,

I harness Parker and open the gate.

We trot along past the house next door

Down to the meadow, for our morning chore.

While Parker plays at the river’s edge, 

I take the laps I’ve solemnly pledged.

One time, two times, three and four

Around I go and then once more.

I call to Parker to come for treats,

Then charge the hill at a rapid beat.

Huffing and puffing from my morning march, 

I wave to my neighbor, feeling parched.

Back at home, coffee in hand, 

I watch Arleen go round the land.

One time, two times, three and four,

Around she goes to finish her tour.

When she’s done and back inside, 

We both see Mary come alive.

One time, two times, three and four,

She always adds a couple more.

Not together, yet not alone 

With waves and smiles we march along.

Happy to know that at least for today

The neighborhood is all OK.

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