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April vacation week…

COVID may have limited our travel but it can’t interfere with a week of vacation unless you let it.  Mother Nature has been nice this year and the New England weather has been exceptional—almost warm and sunny.

My little family went to visit our house in Maine.  We anticipated long walks on the beach, take-out dinners, and possibly gathering with a few family members who had been vaccinated—  peaceful and just different enough from Vermont to feel like vacation.

Not to be.  Let’s just say, many of our new neighbors are older than we are, fully vaccinated, and ready to party.  We’re not quite there.  Almost, but not quite—two shots done but not yet two weeks after.  

Our neighbors across the street are almost impossible to catch.  They are out early to meet friends for breakfast, then there is the cribbage group in the afternoon and then either out for dinner or bridge with more friends.  

Our neighbors next door are out taking advantage of the beautiful weather doing heavy yard work with their back-behind neighbors.  All of them agree that taking a year off from neighborhood joint chores was ok, but that the burn pile from two spring clean ups  will take several days to get through.

The street has a lot of new dogs.  People who used to walk by with one dog are now passing by with at least two—one old veteran and one or more naughty youngsters.  The other day one of the teenage pups broke free, jumped our fence and joined Parker in the backyard.  They had a terrific time playing in all the mud my husband has made in our yard putting in the new garden beds.

The neighbor at the far end of the street is building a giant stone wall at the side of the property.  We don’t know them yet but it is a very curious 10-foot wall.

Five more days and I will be two weeks past my second shot.  Five more days and I will be back in Vermont.  I will miss watching the Maine neighborhood come alive, but I am more than ready to enjoy Vermont’s season of green and my freedom too!

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