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I have cast my vote—done, finished, stamped, posted.  I have exercised my right to place an absentee ballot for the November election. Now, I can turn off the news and wait it out.  Finally!  This particular election cycle has been unusually difficult for me to endure.  

I know there is a big, wide world out there, but the only way I can find out what is happening— besides COVID and the November elections— is to spend hours searching the web. The last time I went on an adventure was a year and a half ago.  We went to the Bahamas, because our favorite destination, Saint Martin had been destroyed by a hurricane.  Since we visited the Bahamas they have also been destroyed by a hurricane.  We met so many interesting people in both places and I want to know how they are doing.  I also want to know how the Netherlands is weathering this whole pandemic thing.  We used to live there.   I love France!  I have children who were born in Columbia and Peru!  I crave news about the rest of the world, but we don’t get that here.  So for the past few months, I found myself disappearing down into a hole where the November election and a disease were all that existed. 

No more.  I can turn off the news cycle and let it spin where it may.  I have done my part.  I can wear my mask, wash my hands and trust the schools to do the best for my child.  If I get sick,  I can take a test and stay home.  If I get really sick, I can go to the hospital  where I can trust the doctors and nurses to do their best to save me.

I can focus now on different things.  Like putting the garden to bed, napping in the late October sunshine, planning a quilt for my grandbaby coming in May and getting out my warm sweaters and blankets for the beds.  I am tired of hearing only about horrible things.  I am tired of listening to people be angry and rude.  I still believe this world has more good than bad.  It’s just that loud and scary get so much more attention.  Who ever heard of people shouting for the right to enjoy the beautiful October sky or debating whether or not the ocean changes color  like the leaves in the fall.  

We are better than all of this.  We have more power than we believe. Quiet people can change the world, one October sky at a time.

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