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It has been a wild year—much of it not good, some of it just ok, some of it actually really good.

 On Saturday I got an e-mail from Susan asking about swimming lessons for the summer.  It took me by surprise.  I have taught swimming lessons at my home every summer for over thirty years.  Last summer, I didn’t.  The e-mail took me by surprise because it was so normal to start getting e-mails from moms in February asking about lessons for the summer.  I never had the schedule finalized by February because New England can still throw in some nasty winter weather in March. I would never make firm dates until after April vacation when we really knew when summer vacation started. 

On Sunday, my husband and I talked about a mini get away late spring.  By May, it looks like our numbers will have come up and we will be fully vaccinated.  We have watched all 14 seasons of Flea Market Flip during the past year so I am hankering to get to Brimfield Antique Market and do some flipping of my own.  

On Monday, I realized if things keep moving forward, I might get to be with my daughter when she gives birth in June after all.  

And then the flood gates opened.  During the summer I could visit my 97 year old father in Georgia.  I could have people up to our new house in Maine.  We haven’t really shown it to anyone yet.  I can see all five of my older children’s new apartments.  They all moved during the pandemic.  I can meet my middle sons new girlfriend and she can see that I DO NOT always look like I do on Zoom. 

You get the idea.  I know life will not be the way it was quickly, but it will be better.   Normal will probably arrive like Spring in Vermont—one step forward two steps back.  But, it is coming! You can feel it in the air.

     Talk of poems and prayers and promises and things that we believe in

     How sweet it is to love someone, how right it is to care

     How long it’s been since yesterday and what about tomorrow

     What about our dreams and all the memories we share

                                      John Denver  1971

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