Woodstock Area Job Bank

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Poverty is part of all of our lives, whether we know it or not. Rich or poor we are all touched by it. On the job, in school, at the market, on the street. It is everywhere and its presence impacts how we behave and interact with others.

Last year I attended a workshop called “Bridges Out of Poverty” and it was an eye-opening experience. Since then I have connected with the creators of the program and started to do even more reading on the topic. Just this morning I received a batch of books from them which will certainly keep me busy for a while! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what I discover along the way.Photo on 5-4-16 at 1.40 PM

Until then, I found this article in the New York Times shares with us the findings of a study on children living in poverty and how their brains are impacted by their life situation. Poverty and Young Minds Take a look – it’s worth a read.


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