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Everybody loves spring—the promise of warmer weather. The early crocuses are cheered even as the die-hard skiers mourn the melting snow. Mud Season or not, summer is right around the corner. First we have a Season of Green—our best kept secret.

“No,” you say, “I know Vermont in the spring. It’s muddy and brown. Trails are closed and there’s nothing to do.”

That is the myth. In reality spring is a foliage season of green. All those trees on the mountains that make such a colorful spectacle in the fall burst forth in a daily changing patchwork of greens. It is beautiful, subtle, peaceful and inspiring.

On Mother’s Day, I have a tradition. My family packs a lunch and we set out for an adventure. We drive the back roads (yes, we are in the truck because the trails are wet) looking for new discoveries. We look for roads we’ve never driven, places we’ve never explored, treasures to discover. Several years ago, we headed out of Woodstock toward Hartland. My husband was convinced there was a short cut over the mountain to get to Cobb Hill Farm. It was a beautiful day. The best kind of spring—65 degrees, light breeze and a blue-bird sky.

Some of the roads headed down too quickly, never reaching the summit. Some of the roads turned into Class Four roads, not quite ready for travel even in a truck. Eventually we ended up climbing Advent Hill Road—beautiful long vistas of rolling green and mountains.

Suddenly my daughter let out a piercing scream, “What is that?”

“What? Oh my!”

Standing at the edge of the road behind a split rail fence was the strangest animal I have ever seen. Here is a case where pictures cannot do justice. This thing was as big as a moose, kinda looked like a bear, and had the ears of a donkey. My husband stopped the truck and we all climbed out. By the time we got to the fence, several buddies had joined the first.
They were gentle as lambs, just wanted their noses rubbed and their ears scratched. They were wonderful.

Finally we tore ourselves away and continued up the hill. In front of the nearest farmhouse we found a sign which answered our question “Hamilton Rare Breed Foundation: Home of the Poitou Donkey. Founded in 1996 by Deborah Hamilton.”

So on Sunday, for Mother’s Day, grab your Mom, pack an old fashioned picnic, and head off into this amazing green season to discover something new. You never know what might be waiting right around the corner.

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