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This past weekend, I was walking up Cox District Road early, around six.  I never sleep very late in the spring and it is such a beautiful time of day.  I almost never see anyone else.  But that morning, as I rounded a corner up near the reservoir, coming towards me was the most beautiful, midnight-black lab.  Now if you are a lab person—I am— you know they smile.  This magnificent guy had a short rope attached to his collar.  A short rope which was attached to the collar of the  most adorable, midnight-black lab puppy.  If you are a lab person you will know that a lab puppy is just about as cute as they come.  

The puppy strained his rope to come say “hi”, but his caretaker was having none of that.  He just gave me a “Kids!  “What are you gonna do” smile—and kept on trucking down the road.

I never saw a human.  I didn’t have my cell phone so I can’t show you a picture.  You’ll have to use your imagination.  But I can tell you just thinking about those two dogs makes me smile all over again.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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