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I imagine you were as shocked as I was on Tuesday morning to find my lovely spring garden covered with snow.  Snow?  Frost I can handle, I expect it this time of year and listen to the weather forecast to see if I need to cover any of the new flowers.  I always plant some plants too early hoping to out smart mother nature and get an early start on my summer garden.  But snow…really?

Just yesterday I had seen the announcement for a talk on Sunday at the Bridgewater Historic Society— The Year Without a Summer.

The year 1816 was the coldest in Vermont’s history, as a frost hit every month. Crops failed, food was scarce, people left the state by the thousands. That year of suffering, known in Vermont as “1800 and froze to death.” was actually part of a worldwide disaster science now understands. But in 1816, it appeared to many that the world was ending. Out of it all came stories that survive to tell a chilling tale. 

Yikes… could that be happening again?

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear so. Today I am again experiencing a summer tease and back out in my gardens dreaming of fresh tomatoes and basil.  How is it that even with the snow the weeds have grown so tall?

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